Alice Fortes

Super-diversity and the Changing Face of Intangible Cultural Heritage: the Case of West-Kruiskade, Rotterdam

All these different stakeholders come together in the Alliance West-Kruiskade. As will be shown later, this is not always a smooth and obvious operation. Processes of this type always involve strife and confrontation. This is the reason that some form of ‘cultural brokerage’, to use the concept we introduced within the UNESCO Convention in a themed issue of Volkskunde¬†(Jacobs, Neyrinck and Van der Zeijden, 2014), seems to be inevitable. In West-Kruiskade this role was played by the city government, especially by Alice Fortes. She represents Woonstad Rotterdam which aims at making the Kruiskade more attractive for its inhabitants. She acted as project leader of the Alliance West-Kruiskade. She brought everyone together and organised things. Cultural brokers are needed to bring the different stakeholders together and facilitate processes of exchange in the negotiating of identities.

Geschreven door Albert van der Zeijden

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